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8 September 2017

Consumer trends driving growth in personal care

The digital shopping ecosystem has fundamentally altered how consumers discover, purchase and discuss their personal care products.

21 August 2017

Oncology disruption demands strategic transformation

Accelerating therapeutic and diagnostic innovation is dramatically increasing the complexity of cancer treatment paradigms.

7 August 2017

The retail CFO: Making capital decisions in an omnichannel world

In the omnichannel era, getting a better return on capital requires a multipronged approach — and new ways of thinking.

13 June 2017

Pharmaceutical industry changes and market insights: Survey of leaders in the pharma value chain

Parthenon-EY and YourEncore conducted a nationwide survey of life sciences leaders to query them on recent market trends, potential regulations, and current business models.

7 June 2017

Engineering the engineering org

How can companies design their engineering functions to strike the right balance between market responsiveness and operational efficiency?

31 May 2017

Spotlight on provider-sponsored health plans

Are provider-sponsored health plans here to stay and should your health system implement one?

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