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7 August 2017

The retail CFO: Making capital decisions in an omnichannel world

In the omnichannel era, getting a better return on capital requires a multipronged approach — and new ways of thinking.

13 June 2017

Pharmaceutical industry changes and market insights: Survey of leaders in the pharma value chain

Parthenon-EY and YourEncore conducted a nationwide survey of life sciences leaders to query them on recent market trends, potential regulations, and current business models.

7 June 2017

Engineering the engineering org

How can companies design their engineering functions to strike the right balance between market responsiveness and operational efficiency?

31 May 2017

Spotlight on provider-sponsored health plans

Are provider-sponsored health plans here to stay and should your health system implement one?

30 May 2017

University strategy in a digital world

Can digital approaches help improve student outcomes? Parthenon-EY surveyed higher education institutions and their students to understand how digital is impacting their university strategy.

24 May 2017

Can the capital allocation process be a competitive advantage?

Some companies in the technology, media and telecommunications sector are doing it differently – and seeing results.

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