Video: Outlook for the medtech sector

Arda Ural, EY Partner

What is the outlook for the medtech sector in 2017?

In this video, Parthenon-EY Managing Director and Co-head of Health Care Dan Shoenholz and EY Partner Arda Ural discuss the main theme for the year: how companies in the sector can attain growth.

Dan shares four ways medtech companies need to look at growth throughout the year:

  1. Scale in the therapeutic category
  2. Breadth with the larger hospital purchasing customers
  3. Designing products for value
  4. Services that differentiate

He also shares insight on how “the internet of things” is changing the medtech sector in terms of improved communication and availability of home-based care.

Arda highlights medtech companies’ use of venture funds as well as portfolio optimization and the outlook for divestments.

View the video here.